Saturday, January 18, 2014

Indie Review welcomes Rene Sandy of Hip Hop Loves !

Set your reminders and tune in! See ya Saturday :)
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RENE SANDY of Hip Hop Loves

Rene Sandy is the co-founder of Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHL), a NYC-based nonprofit that co-produces workshops, seminars,and events that create space for dialogue and exploration on the themes of success, youth empowerment, and social justice through Hip Hop within a global context. The Foundation views Hip-Hop as the cultural intersection of many vibrant forms of expression including dance, sports, visual arts, and technology. Our programs are based in the US and abroad, thus enabling us to strengthen global relationships with grassroots organizations, universities, NGOs, governments, and companies that value empowering youth. HHL links artists and partnering organizations to facilitate programs that impact underserved communities. The Hip-Hop Loves Foundation (HHL) has  its “I Got 5 on Hip Hop Loves” Campaign and embarked on a collaborative effort to raise $1 Million to expand its work in the US, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. The "I Got $5 on Hip Hop Loves" campaign in partnership with will encourage fans of Hip Hop from all over the world to donate $5 or more. The tax deductable donations will be used to establish Hip-Hop Loves workspace and workshop centers in New York City, Rio, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Mobile studios for workshops will be established in Africa, Australia, the United Kingdome and other areas that lack modern technology.  Another Hip Hop Loves Foundation project that warrants support is the compilation CD to raise money to support the ongoing work in Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010.  Proceeds from album sales will go to Global Syndicate and to the Hip Hop Loves Foundation for ground relief in Haiti as well as to facilitate workshops. Producers on the project include Hip Hop Loves Co-Founder Siba Giba, and Emmy Award Winning Producer Emmai Alaquiva, DJ Scratch, Pete Rock, Will Tell, and Lee Stone. 

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