Saturday, August 31, 2013

Indie Review Radio playlist - August 31, 2013

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Battle cry Range Da Messenga
Do it again Rebirth Brass band
Something like nice * Marie Dahlstrom
Ecstasy Anita Nicole
Material star Collette, Akil Dasan
WIN Choklate, Phonte
Malice in wonderland Victoria Monet
Baby B-Free
Tell me Heather Gin
I think I love you Dwele
Caribbean slide Julien Believe
Where I go Art of Fresh
I can make you dance Julie Dexter
*Indie 100 artist of the week

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indie Review welcomes Julien Believe !

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Julien Believe

It doesn't cost a thing to think BIG” was a quote Julien heard a lot from his father growing up. It was sentiments like this that inspired Julien to become the person and singer/songwriter that he has developed into. He established early on a belief that he could become anything he set his mind to if he worked hard to accomplish it. Julien was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, the small island paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up there offered Julien exposure to both a cosmopolitan way of life combined with what is known as traditional island living. Growing up Julien was captivated by many genres of music. The degree of his ambition to become a musician, however, was not always fully understood. As the son of a policeman and schoolteacher it was often difficult for anyone, even his parents, to understand his compulsion to do music. “Every time you walked past or heard Julien in the distance he was singing,” his mother says. “I couldn’t understand it, Julien absolutely HAS to sing!”
By the age of 11, Julien was actually selling his own lunch to buy CDs. His favorite artists included Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Joe, Bob Marley, and Ronnie Butler. Not only did he listen to these musicians, he dissected their lyrics and started fashioning his own writing style. At 12, Julien joined a singing group at his church, and so began his development as an artist.  The group became immensely popular around the island and performed as an opening act for local shows and visiting entertainers. Coincidentally, the first major act he opened for was Boyz II Men and was also the first album he ever bought. This led to opening for the likes of Sean Paul, Brian McKnight, Destiny's Child, Joe, Mariah Carey and Babyface.
Julien was equally as popular on the basketball court, a past time he shared with his father and older brother. “Julien would walk to my studio from the basketball court, get into the vocal booth, and blow us away with his expressive silky vocals,” Gregg White, President of Sounds of Nassau Records, remembers. When an opportunity arose for Julien to travel to Oklahoma on a basketball scholarship, instead he opted to pursue his first love, singing. Julien worked for two years after school and devoted every penny to his music. He assembled a makeshift studio in his room consisting of a G5, two Mackies, a Motif keyboard and a second hand microphone. There he burned the midnight oil developing his writing and vocal techniques. Julien saved the rest of his money to travel and record in professional studios. His relentless determination became evident. His daring ambition has opened many doors for him. Julien was introduced to Dominic McFadden (son Gene McFadden) and his partner Phillip "Phoe Notes" in early 2009. Together, they produced Julien’s hit single “Believe”. It is the first single from this collaboration -- a tender ballad that warms the heart and tells people that great things are in store for themselves if they just “Believe”. On the surface Julien seems like a very well crafted R&B artist. He has a smooth vocal delivery similar to a young Curtis Mayfield. Underneath is a singer/songwriter that defies simple classification. His lyrics come from a deep pool of insight. He sees things in a different manner than most young men his age. Thus, his lyrical content takes the simplest subject matter and infuses it with love, wit, wisdom and an uplifting, inspirational feeling. Through it all, his island pedigree is very apparent. The more you listen to Julien, the more he will captivate you.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Justice for Trayvon Call and Beyond

Justice for Trayvon and Beyond
Conference Call

Sunday August, 11

Conference Dial NUmber (712) 432-1500
Participant Accesss Code : 402394

Conference call providing information on how to participate in the call to action for #justice4trayvon and why it is important.

We will discuss various solutions not only in regards to Trayvon Martin, but also solutions to the problems in our own communities and city.

We must continue to advocate for justice and fairness. We must protect the lives of our children. We must protect the promise of America.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Indie Review welcomes Lisa Taylor !

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Lisa Taylor

From the Big Island of Hawaii, Lisa Lehua Taylor has been singing her entire life. Growing up in a household where she was exposed to Theatre at a very young age and her parents played everything from Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, she was always encouraged to pursue her love of music. Lisa finally started performing at the age of 10 and hasn't stopped since! After years of making a living as a Vocalist in her home state, and performing with some of the best musicians the State has to offer, she's also performed in Japan, Korea and Singapore. Since moving to Santa Cruz 8 years ago, Lisa has quickly built a name for herself on the Central Coast and Bay Area. As the lead vocalist for her band SoulCity, she is also a regular vocalist with The Joe Sharino Band as well as Steve Ezzo and The Monterey Bay All Stars. On top of all of the performing, She has lent her vocal talent to many recording projects and completed her debut album "LT" in 2010. Her new release "Let Love Shine" was released February 1, 2013, and has been receiving rave reviews. Already a top seller on both the neo-soul and urban R&B charts on cdbaby, the album also has four singles in the top-40 on Amazon UK's mp3 chart for neo-soul, with her singles "Used To Be The One' and "Funny Feeling" making it to the number one spot. "Let Love Shine" is also a top-seller for neo-soul on Amazon (US) and has had seven singles on the top-40 mp3 chart. This Sophomore release made it's debut on the UK Soul Chart at #21 and by week two had jumped to #14. Next, it spent four weeks at the #1 spot. It is currently #14 on The Independent Soul Chart (UK) and is also getting great reviews on The BBC's Paul Miller Soul Show. The word is out, Lisa Taylor is an exciting new voice on the soul scene.