Friday, August 15, 2014

Indie Review welcomes Marilyn Bell !

Set your reminders and tune in! See ya Saturday :)
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Devoted, Hard-working, Transcendent are just a few adjectives to describe this Publisher, Fashion, Hair & Beauty industry connoisseur who continues to set trends in the publishing, fashion, hair & beauty world still to date. Born and raised in
Queens, New York, Marilyn Bell has carved out a successful career behind the scenes for more than 16 years. Marilyn Bell started as Creative Fashion Director for popular media which consisted of coordinating photo shoots and publicity. Serving as Editor in Chief for a variety of worldwide noted Hair & Beauty Magazines such as Black Celebrity Hair Styles 101, Celebrity Styles, Natural Hair & Braids, Black Radiance and Hairstyles; In May of 2004 Marilyn helped put a deal together to purchase 
Black Elegance from Flash Publishing which made Black Elegance (BE) Magazine- 100 PERCENT AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNED. Marilyn served as the Associate Publisher and Editor in Chief of a leading lifestyle magazine for women of color. Marilyn transformed a once declining magazine into a muse in the publishing world. 
But Marilyn wasn't always sure of her position in the arduous world of publishing, fashion, hair & beauty."The Publishing, Fashion, Beauty & Hair industry can be cut throat and resistant to Black Women" she continues, “You have to plant your feet
with certainty and work hard to gain respect.” Not shortly after emerging on the scene, Marilyn made an influential imprint for many women of color to prevail. "I believe in helping others, a large component of what I do stem from my insistent urge to give back. I'm always rooting for the up and coming creative artistic talents."Exemplifying confidence, Marilyn has been able to solidify her spot within the publishing, fashion hair & beauty industry. Credited for lending her expertise as Hair & Beauty Editor for MOC Radio Magazine, and worked with famed celebrities such as John Legend, P. Diddy, Brandy, Lil Kim, Keyshia Cole, and Robin Givens, just to name a few. Devoted to helping budding talent hone their crafts, Marilyn is currently developing an online media boutique for artistic creative talent, The Marilyn Bell Agency (MBA). The agency's main focal point will be the premier lifestyle publication for the well-rounded, contemporary woman of color "Evolving Beauty & Elegance" (EBE) an exciting new magazine that covers the latest lifestyle of today's Fashion & Style, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Life & Travel and Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Business & Politics. EBE is devoted to providing the fashionable women of color with a forum that satisfies her palate for living without limits. This Magazine is truly about escorting her to the Next Level.
Through MBA, Marilyn will not only help secure career opportunities for dedicated up and coming models, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, designers, photographers, public speakers, writers, actors and musical artists, but they will
receive image consultation, artist development, branding, management assistance, advertising and marketing, lots and lots of exposure and connect with other successful talent and executives in the business. It’s these unprecedented efforts that have allowed Marilyn Bell to be a permanent influential fixture within the publishing, fashion, hair and beautyindustry. There's no doubt that MBA, will be yet another successful venture Ms. Bell pioneers.