Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Holiday S.N.A.P. Back Routine

 You know the story. Weeks of holiday gatherings seem to have set you back months with your fitness goals. After indulging in decadent food and cocktails, your pants are snug, you're less toned and your energy has plummeted. According to personal trainer, JR, owner of 2DayBeFit, all is not lost. In fact, you can shed more then you gained quickly with his secret weapon - The Holiday S.N.A.P. Back Routine. 
Consider that spare wreath around your waist obliterated when you S.N.A.P. - Squats, Nutrition, Arms & Abs, Post Workout - back!
 S=Squats.  4 sets.
·         25 Pulsing squats
·         15 squat  10 sec holds
N= Nutrition: Put down the donut and get back on the wagon.
A=Arms & Abs
Arms: Supersets Group 1-3sets, Group 2-3sets.
Group 1:
·         15 Preacher Curls
·         15 Hammer Curls
·         Plank Position (45-60 seconds)
Group 2:
·         Body weight dips 25
·         Push ups
·         Side planks each side (45-60 seconds)
P= Post Workout
Finishing your workout you never want to forget the all-important CARDIO!  30-45 Minutes of your favorite cardio exercise.  I personally enjoy the Stairmaster 72 step rate for 45 minutes.

Happy Holidays, let’s get it right today with @2daybefit

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