Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indie Review welcomes AYAH !

Set your reminders and tune in!  See ya Saturday :)

Indie Review Radio – Hosted by Raychelle & C.Truth
12 pm to 1:30 pm
Call-in Number: (646) 478-5123


A multitalented & self-taught singer / songwriter / composer who possesses a voice so very enchanting in its purity, Ayah has experienced a fairly nomadic life & found her growing world indelibly touched by a vast array of musical genres, cultures and social climates. These elements would inevitably play an influential role in her writing.
Ayah, 25, creates her own unique brand of music, an eclectic infusion of classic Soul/Rock, R&B and hip hop; the musical prowess of contemporary RnB artists, Soul stirrers, & timeless legends. She has caught the eye of key players in the industry such as Dj Jazzy Jeff, who has helped launch the careers of many a classic artist.
Ayah has garnered a grass roots fan base with the release of her last two projects, “Problem Woman” & “4:15.” She has appeared on projects with artists like Freeway, Elzhi, Skyzoo, Mac Miller, Slakah the Beatchild, Tona, etc.
Today, Ayah is working with Dj Jazzy Jeff on their collaboration album, "This Way". “This is my life, it is not a hobby. This is my one true love, not a one night stand" - Ayah.

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