Saturday, December 18, 2010

Indie Review Radio Welcomes Chip Fu!

Chip Fu 

Chip-Fu is no stranger to the realm of hip hop music. As a radical member of a platinum-selling hip hop group the Fu Schnickens, his intricately interwoven flow left us all light headed, exhausted and wheezing for more. Get ready to inhale again, because Chip's back with a breath of fresh air for the entire industry. The trials and tribulations of life, love and music helped Chip conceive his latest project titled M.A.T.H (Music, Appreciation, Art, Time and Healing), The New Curriculum. Though his style remains on the cutting edge of hip hop, as a solo artist Chip has much more room to be creative. Reggae music is evident throughout the entire work and Chip's natural talent interblends both worlds instinctively. After collaborating with Shaquille O'Neal on the platinum album "Shaq Diesel", Chip gained a stronger sense of passion for the music business. This led him to establish his own company BLAQ-INK Entertainment. The production team gives up and coming artists direction and an avenue to cultivate their abilities as performers. Wisdom and responsibility also leads Chip to speak on two important topics: the paths he chose in life and the musical roads that need to be repaved in the industry. Music should be seen as a never ending jigsaw puzzle composed of intricate cut outs, says Chip. Additionally, Chip touches daily issues, which are not necessarily the wish lists many artists prefer to muse about. We'll learn more about Chip, his business moves, and the right steps for an independent artist on this show.

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