Friday, December 29, 2017

Indie Review welcomes PeppaBoy Trill McCoy !!

Set your reminders and tune in! See ya Saturday :)
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PeppaBoy Trill McCoy

Everybody knows how hot it gets in the South. Direct your heat meter to the fire at the bottom of the map, “FLA,” The Sunshine State, Pensacola to be exact. Out from the fiery haze walks new contender for the title of heir to the throne, Peppaboy Trill McCoy. When it comes to Southern Hip Hop and Production, he is as hot as they come. The highly anticipated release of his new album, Still Coastin, and chart topping single, She’s The One, featuring Bobby V, secures the throne and adds fire to the flame. Still Coastin is the epitome of the Colacoast sound. This musical mastery is the golden ticket into the life and times of Pepp, “I talk about everything from pretty weather, good cooking, and turf riding, to the real reason my state is shaped like a gun, he shares. He goes on to say, I’m a true sportsman, so I rhyme my words in a sporty, freestyle manner.” It’s no wonder that for his production he is known as Da Gumbo Kooker. He has branded the Colacoast sound with a new, original, full- flavored recipe that is as thick as roux and infused with spicy notes of various styles. With his degree in Petroleum Technology he is a seasoned businessman, and these chops are on full display as the distinguished CEO of Colacoast Entertainment LLC. His robust roster is full of artists, producers, musicians, and entertainers that extents south of the equator with Paulo Cesar Carvajal Galvez aka Paul C, a singer, and songwriter from South America. Looking forward, his 2018 release of a blues compilation features various artists and features soul collaborations such as Shairblliss, Raven Salve, Brandon Powell and many more. And stay tuned as Peppaboy and his crew tour to a juke joint near you.

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