Friday, May 23, 2014

Indie Review welcomes PeppaBoy Trill McCoy !

Set your reminders and tune in! See ya Saturday :)
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Peppa boy is one of the most sought after indie artists in the South.  As a talented producer, writer and musician, his music is designed for the masses and is received by all.  His business sense finds him at the helm of his entertainment company, Colacoast Entertainment. Colacoast Entertainment is a lifestyle brand that creates music, film, television, and fashion and exposes the unique value of the Gulf Coast region to the world. Spanning four states within three hours (FL, AL, MS, LA), the Gulf Coast is a gumbo of flavor, also including Texas and Mexico further west. Focusing our music on corporate branding, Colacoast Entertainment's high brand value is attractive to companies seeking to boost their marketing campaigns. 
In addition to becoming a seasoned lyricist, Peppa also studied sports management with a concentration in golf at the University of Florida. He later earned a degree in petroleum technology from Baton Rouge Community College. While he did not graduate from UF, his time at UF was crucial in the development of becoming the artist he is today. While “pledging” for his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, he would frequently be called upon to freestyle for the Big Brothers. He would go for hours at a time, entertaining them with street-oriented, pimpish, playamade flows. His sporty, game-spittin’ style, seasoned with his own original flavor and slang, earned him the name Peppaboy. His clever wordplay and action-packed antics are also how he gained the second half of his name while free styling – “Peppaboy Trill McCoy/Riding on some Chip Ahoy (paint)/Talkin’ on my flippatoy (cell phone) to a purdy gal from Illinois.” 
Peppa also developed his stage presence and showmanship while attending UF through his performances in step show competitions and exhibitions. As “Kanemaster” of his chapter, he was responsible for choreographing all of their step shows and fast-became known for mesmerizing crowds of thousands with his kane-twirling ability. 
In a short amount of time, Peppaboy Trill McCoy has independently built the Colacoast brand into an international network and household name, creating a solid fan base throughout the US, Mexico, Europe, and even Canada. Since his 2009 debut, starting from the Gulf Coast region, he took his movement on the road, capturing the music industry one market at a time. With high energy performances, in person PR, and a promotional/marketing machine that is second to none, Peppaboy Trill McCoy is arguably one of the most highly valued Artists in the country.

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