Friday, June 7, 2013

Indie Review welcomes Black Fantastic !

Set your reminders and tune in!  See ya Saturday :)
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An aching boredom and uninventive cloud hangs above Suburbia, secretly yearning for someone to break out, to stand alone. A distance from the big city, as well as diversity and expression, such a lack of makes it difficult for one to find creativity, to capture individuality. In the case of Hip Hop meets Jazz meets Soul duo, Black Fantastic, this challenging task represents everything they stand for.
After a chance meeting at a Joliet, Illinois recording studio, these Chicago suburb natives both noticed a unique connection within each other, weaving a creative union from that moment on. Jacque, an eternal lover of the timeless brilliance of jazz, serves as the scratchy-soulful, emotionally driven songstress of the group, while Roman, a former photographer and once upon a time college kid, takes his place as the smoothly relatable lyricist meets experimental producer. As their musical influences soar from Ella Fitzgerald to J Dilla, Black Fantastic is creatively moved by it all.The determination and ambition of Black Fantastic radiates through their work, sending a comforting vibe that they want others to simply, believe. Black Fantastic turn their realities into music, in hopes of connecting with the same stories and struggles we all seem to face. Taking pride in being no one other than who they are while working to stamp their own place in history, they proudly have their eyes set on nothing lower than up.

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