Friday, April 12, 2013

Indie Review welcomes Lisa Merraro & Brooks Brovaz

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LISA MERRARO & Brooks Brovaz

Lisa Merraro has a story, who doesn’t? Her future however, is limited to few. And the mark that she is set to make in the world of entertainment is exciting and rare. As a young lady in Brooklyn, music was Lisa’s meditation. Her infatuation with music stems from the musical bloodline and her grandmother’s diverse music collection. Like most in the business, the young starlet wanted to sing but later came to realize that her strength was in her mental muscle. Lisa went on to receive an associate degree from Berkeley College in paralegal studies and a bachelors of science majoring in legal studies, from St. John’s University. Just before her LSAT, she heard the call of the music industry loud in clear.  She answered but not before obtaining her Masters from John Jay College. While there, Lisa met a producer that would be her conduit into the world of music. Shak-Trauma and his production partner Shawn Belle introduced her to a part of the business that felt like home. She was a boss, and it was the perfect fit. Lisa went on to partner in the creation of Brook Brovaz  (Brooklyn Brothers) Entertainment that now boasts of a diverse catalog of music which consists of techno, rock,  jazz, hip hop and much more. Ms. Merraro with her attention to detail and business savvy proved to be just what was needed to take Brook Brovaz to the moon! Her approach to business is smart, calculated and always part of a bigger picture. A recording studio, several clients and investors later, Lisa has taken her role as the leading lady very seriously. So much so that she is currently attending Full Sail University for her masters in entertainment business.  As she humbly works her way to the top, the industry is watching, as they should. But not with an eye of envy or distain, but one of admiration for this young lady that has made it her business to respect and embrace the game. Her desire to learn and teach is refreshing and her mark on the world of entertainment will be a BIG one.  She got next! 
Today’s music industry can be considered an ever evolving business. At times seeming impossible to stay ahead of the curve and create something new and fresh…unless you are Shak-Trauma or Belle Boy. This dynamic duo makes up the very talented production team of the Brook Brovaz Production and Entertainment Company. Nestled in downtown Brooklyn, they have created a production powerhouse that has worked with an impressive list of noteworthy artist and songwriters. The list consists of artists such as Toni Braxton, FreeWay, Tek 9, Static Major, Peddie Crack and others. Brook Brovaz Entertainment is well on their way to making an impact in this industry that they love. Their artist development division, run by the Brook Brovaz First Lady Cloe Luv, is the first stop for the many talented young men and women they have taken under wing.  The current front runners on the roster are Kayla, a Brooklyn singer of Jamaican descent and Coola, a young Brooklynite from the hood that sees his love for Hip Hop as a conduit to a new life.  Both extremely talented and both ready to take on the world. Being relatively new to the music game certainly has its challenges but nothing that Brook Brovaz Entertainment and Production cannot handle. They have already been validated and authenticated. They are focused and ready to continue to take the music world by storm. 

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