Thursday, May 5, 2011

Indie Review welcomes Sonny Boy

Set your reminders and tune in!  See ya Saturday :)

Indie Review Radio – Hosted by Raychelle & C.Truth
12 pm to 1:30 pm
Call-in Number: (646) 478-5123


Sonnyboy is a musician, singer, composer, producer, and band leader with 5 independently produced albums to his name. Early on, it was Sonnyboy’s well known Blues musician uncle, Sonny Green, who inspired him to explore the genre. Born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised in the Baptist churches of Milwaukee, Sonnyboy learned to play multiple instruments at an early age, and did so with a traditional gospel/R&B slant. From Milwaukee, Sonnyboy moved to Minneapolis. With only his guitar and the clothes on his back, Sonnyboy journeyed into what he had been told was forbidden devil music: funk, reggae, rock, and hip hop. And he did so in the middle of the Prince- led Paisley Park music scene. He quickly became accepted into the Minneapolis music community and began working with artists on the Paisley Park label, Parliament Funkadelic family, Mary Harris of Spearhead, and countless other artists. He has come to share the stage with Prince, The Black Crows, The Skatalights, and has performed at venues as prestigious as the world famous Paisley Park Studios. Also known as a hip hop hippie and an urban poet, he cheated death in a near fatal car crash and found himself back on the streets where he started. From there, he transformed his life. His rededication to music, his renewed energy, and his creative explosion resulted in him writing songs, composing, producing music, and even co-producing his music videos. With a lifestyle reserved for uncommon people (he is a vegetarian, an avid reader, and normally runs 25 miles a week), Sonnyboy established his own record label, ArtSoul Entertainment.  He got grounded, developed a unique sound, and formed the 4 member band, Sonnyboy. Rolling Stone Magazine acclaimed the group as "one of the best unsigned bands to come out of Minneapolis since Prince and The Time." The listener might recall just a few great artists whose talents Sonnyboy respects: Sly & The Family Stone, Prince, The Isley Brothers, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Maroon 5, and Cee-Lo.Sonnyboy moved the band to New York and the band has toured across the country and throughout Europe. Sonnyboy’s success can be attributed to his uncommon focus and an artistic integrity that is often lacking in today’s corporate music arena. He shares that he just doesn’t do music, but that he “thinks about the music.” He continues, “All I want to do is make good music. If I can get your head nodding and coming back for more, then I’ve done my job. It all boils down to one question: Is it good music?”

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